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Mississauga, ON

Locally owned and operated

Mississauga, ON

Locally owned and operated

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Of course we love what our house cleaning services have to offer, but so do our customers. Take a look below to see what a few have shared about their experience with us!

The cost at Merry Maids is reasonable for the quality of work. I have used other services where each time different people come. And the quality was unknowable from visit to visit. My 2 cats and I are thrilled to have Ashi every time and I am privileged to be a part of the Mississauga Merry Maids Family as it is run well by Margaret who is very approachable!! The other office staff, Ashley, Lucy, & Cecil are great too!! Thank you so very much!!!! Thank you Ashi for always making my home shine.

Miriam Z.

Jessica was great! Very respectful, kind and punctual. It would be good to see her again!

Ariffa H.

I felt that everything I had requested to be done was done efficiently and the two Merry Maids were very friendly and polite. I also felt that had I requested a few other things be done that they would have willingly accommodated me. Thank you again.

Barbara C.

The person is always the key component. Danielle (and I suspect all the people you hire and train) was an intelligent and motivated worker who cared about doing the best job possible. She brought everything needed to do that job and did it superbly.

Glenn D.

My regular, Ashi, is reliable and excellent consistently!!! It is very important to have the same person as they know my home and preferences. I like the products because they are pet friendly for my 2 cats. Also, the scent is not strong but fresh smelling. The products clean well.

Jhon Z.

It is wonderful to come home to a clean house, that smells clean and fresh.

Barbara O.

The service was great as always, I am so happy that the ladies who came remembered us from previous visits, this just shows that they care and work with a sense of connecting with the customer. Really appreciate the good job done, it made us moving into the new space less worry some.

Alison F.

I like the reminder tel.call the day before. The relaibility of the service and excellent work done every time.

Susan W.

Quite satisfied with the reliable service Merry Maids provides. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Thompson

I have been satisfied with the care all personal have provided in my home.

Evelyn C.

The staff member who comes to do the cleaning of my apartment. Her patience with my two kitties’ fur. The products have never affected my kitties or me. They have a lovely light scent. They clean well.

Miriam E.

Very friendly and professional

Jessica D.

very good cleaners, and friendly

Barbara P.

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